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Composition techniques to help you make more music you're proud of.

 This step-by-step video course is designed to help artists and composers achieve a clearer understanding of how music is actually put together. I'll help eliminate the overwhelm of choices and SHOW the actionable techniques and timeless concepts that have helped me in making my own music.

I will personally walk you through my own process when writing music, explaining why I made decisions as I go. With an intense focus on arrangement and development of ideas, this course will help you get from initial idea to finished project.

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I'm constantly updating this course in an attempt to make it as helpful and valuable for you as possible.

We learn the most from doing. So, over the next month I'm adding several ACTIONABLE EXERCISES and assets for you to put the concepts I teach into practice right away.

Timeless concepts meet new technology

There's a reason some pieces of music have lasted decades - even centuries. They were well crafted and use time-tested techniques which eliminate overwhelm and helped focus the composer's creativity.

While we make music very differently today, I still think some of these concepts translate perfectly to modern music - and can even help set your music apart from the masses.

Here's what the early enrollees are saying...

"I continue to be impressed. The ability to be able to watch you ‚Äúmining your improvisations‚ÄĚ is far more enlightening than reading about it."

- Stephen

"It is beautiful to see the entire compositional process and all issues considered at each stage. It's definitely not a linear process, but the DNA of the original ideas are present throughout. Thank you for making this learning process available."

- Luis

"I love how you explored different ways to craft a composition, starting from different core elements. You made your choices and options clear along the way, which enabled me to see the process rather than the result. You covered different genres and clearly showed how I can apply these ideas to any style. You didn't just start talking form as a theory, but focused on the practical aspects and on how you use your experience to make decisions a bit easier."

- Marco

"I really enjoyed being able to see the building of a track from start to finish. The concepts were clear to see in action, and the inclusion of classical examples like Bach and Messiaen were a great touch."

- Craig

"The concepts of making a chord weaker by doubling notes and how a leap puts emphasis on a melody will from now on accompany me in my musical journey. I also love that the course has its basis in ambient music and classical music. The web is full of Production of EDM music or DJ-centric courses where I find only very few tips applicable to the music I would like to make."

- Sebastian

"My favorite aspects so far are - you keep composing and making the decision process which chords/notes to use very simple. This is SO important for me, as I make things unnecessary complicated to compensate for my feeling of inadequacy. This is a huge win for me, thank you! - A very large validation of my own process. As I keep doubting myself. I do feel that you really clarify the compositional concepts and I feel my money is very well spent. You more than deserve it, thank you."


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What's actually in this course?

In-depth video tutorials that demonstrate the process of composition - taking the abstract, mysterious process and shining a light on what it actually looks like in reality. Using a combination of traditional methods that are time-tested and modern technology, you'll get to be a fly on the wall and observe an experienced composer write music from scratch and arrange ideas.


Are there other resources included besides the videos?

Yes, I've included downloadable MIDI files, as well as notated examples to accompany each video. This way, you can have a visual representation of what you're hearing regardless of whether you read music or not


Will we only be looking at your music?

No, I'll also walk you through how I listen to music and analyze it in a way that actually helpful for COMPOSERS, not theorists. The analysis in this course isn't designed like a music theory class. We won't waste time naming every chord, but will learn how to identify effective techniques and devices composers use and WHY they work so well.

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  • Eliminate overwhelm with actionable techniques and methods that are time-tested, and that I use in my own music.
  • Learn through watching me go through the process of trial and error that is composition, as I not only SHOW the decision making process, but also tell you WHY I make those decisions.
  • Improve ARRANGEMENT skills by learning to develop ideas into finished projects.
  • Improve CRITICAL LISTENING skills so that you know what to listen for in the music you love, and how to learn from and apply it in your own work.
  • See how I craft melodic ideas and harmonic progressions that are memorable without being clich√©
  • Watch as I create in multiple mediums, using various methods: arranging inside the DAW and stacking layers of sound design, composing around a synth sequence, composing linearly with a single instrument.
  • Pick up on various sound design, mixing, and even some mastering techniques that I commonly use as part of the polishing process.
  • No excessive theory jargon - just the concepts that are most important and that I actually think about while writing music.
  • Ask me any questions directly inside the course's comments section.

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"From my first time working with Nathan, the rapport was instant. I really appreciate how genuine he is, and how completely honest his opinions are when it comes to working on music. We've collaborated on several projects, and he does not stop until the job is done. I've learned a great deal working with him, and would recommend him to anyone."

- BP Moore, recording artist/composer

"When I finished my vocal Album, and needed a producer and second set of ears I could trust, my first thought was Nathan, because of his immense experience in both classical and ambient directions.

Nathan brought a deeper sound quality, more emphasis and light or darkness to the character of the music that was already there. He gave it a new dimension and made the pieces have a third dimension; he enabled each piece to achieve its best quality."

- Maire Awadis, pianist, recording artist, composer