Harmony Concepts for Artists

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"I find myself constantly falling back on the same chord progressions. It makes my tracks sound so repetitive and predictable, and I'm struggling to make them stand out."

"I feel lost when trying to construct interesting melodies. I know what I want to hear, but I don't always know how to get there technically."

"I can come up with one really cool section, but then have no idea how to make another section that doesn't just sound like a whole different song. Or it sounds too similar to the first section and gets repetitive."

These may all sound like unrelated issues, but they all stem from one thing: a lack of understanding HARMONY.
Harmony is simply how notes relate to one another, and it's the foundation of everything we do as composers, song-writers, and producers.
It can be the glue that holds your melodies, chord progressions, and entire arrangements together. Or it can be the weak link that causes your tracks to sound erratic and disjointed.
Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, a deeper understanding of harmony will allow you more creative freedom to create impactful, cohesive music.
I want to build a resource to show you specific ways to broaden your harmonic vocabulary and dramatically improve your compositions. My vision for this course is to:
  • Teach you the fundamentals of Functional Harmony and how to use those concepts practically when writing music.
  • Help you learn to voice chords and chord progressions to feel smooth and seamless.
  • Help you develop a consistent harmonic language so your tracks feel more coherent and impactful without being cliche.
  • Show you how harmony directly relates to melody writing, so you can come up with melodies that are fresh, interesting, and have direction and purpose.
  • Introduce you to Non-Functional Harmony (Polychordal, Extended Tertian, Quartal, Serial) and how we can use it to make our music less predictable and develop our own "sound."
Like my Composition Course, these topics will be handled practically, not academically.
I'll demonstrate and walk you through each step as I show HOW to actually USE the information presented.
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