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Understanding Synthesis - Payment Plan

Learn the basics, then learn how to implement them to create YOUR sound.

This course is for you if you’d like to:
  • Stop relying on presets and learn how to craft your own unique sounds
  • Reduce G.A.S. by learning to get the most out of synths you ALREADY HAVE
  • Become familiar with basic terminology, architecture, and subtractive synthesis techniques through ACTUALLY MAKING PATCHES with me in a hands on, step-by-step process
  • Learn how to implement the broader concepts in specific ways which you can then use to create your own sounds to your own individual taste
  • Walk through how I make patches on the Moog Matriarch, so you can see how these concepts are implemented on a physical hardware synth (where it’s easier to understand if you’re a more visual learner)
  • Learn to apply these techniques to VSTs or any synth you might already have in your arsenal
  • Get an introduction to the world of MODULAR SYNTHESIS and patching with the Moog Matriarch (a semi-modular synth)
  • Have direct, PRIORITY ACCESS to me if you have questions about synthesis, and be part of a growing community of other students enrolled in the course
Not for you if:
  • You are already a synth/sound design wizard
  • You are cool with just using presets
  • You hate synthesizers - what are you doing here anyway??

If you aren't satisfied with the course, you get your money back within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked.

What People Are Saying:

I have an Iridium and I was also struggling with the harsh sounds of wavetables - this is super useful in understanding wavetables and obviously the Iridium interpretation. I actually spent a bunch of time searching YouTube for a decent tutorial, not realizing you had one as part of this course! Thank you!

Jon S.

This (course update), along with all the vastly expansive updates that we're already enjoying here, is greatly appreciated, Jameson!! None of this surprises me given the expansive & exploratory nature of both your YouTube videos & the music that you compose & produce. So, while it doesn't come as a surprise, it is indeed quite pleasant, quite exciting, most generous &, again, greatly appreciated.

Rocco H.

I’ve really enjoyed this course, as it offers a structured yet relaxed approach to synthesis that takes the student from beginner concepts to pretty deep synthesis techniques in an easy to follow format. Rather than show the student how to use one particular synthesizer, universal concepts are demonstrated, allowing one to apply these lessons to any free virtual instrument on the computer or to a more complex modular setup. The progression feels natural, and I’ve been more inspired to incorporate so many new ways of thinking when it comes to patch design.

Justin K