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I've been making electronic ambient and neo-classical music for the better part of a decade. But before that, I was immersed in the classical world studying piano since the age of eight, organ since fourteen, and composition at university under the tutelage of Italian-American composer, Luigi Zaninelli.

This unique blend of experiences has given me an equally unique perspective - combining my background with my current interests of music production and sound design.

My goal here is to share my techniques and show my own processes, so that you can take whatever to find helpful and develop YOUR own sound through experimentation. 



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"From my first time working with Nathan, the rapport was instant. I really appreciate how genuine he is, and how completely honest his opinions are when it comes to working on music. We've collaborated on several projects, and he does not stop until the job is done. I've learned a great deal working with him, and would recommend him to anyone."

- BP Moore, recording artist/composer