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Surviving as Artists in a World that Hates Us

Feb 24, 2024
I'll be hosting a LIVE WORKSHOP in March roasting some of my first releases and discussing what I might do differently if I were composing them today.
Availability will be limited so everyone can interact and ask questions.
Tickets will only be sold to folks who join this WAITLIST (no cost to join)
Now, on to the Newsletter...

I'm in the midst of a couple large projects that are taking up most of my time, so today's newsletter will be a bit different.
I talk a lot about focusing on timeless concepts. We spend so much time searching for new tactics that we often forget the foundation.
This is not only true musically, but in trying to get our music heard as well.
As artists we want to connect to others on an emotional level. Human emotions haven't changed all that much over the millennia.
Calling in reinforcements
Recently I had the opportunity to chat with my good friend Tony Anderson about the life of an artist today as we attempt to cut through the noise.
Rather than attempt to summarize, I'm going to let Tony speak for himself. If you have time for some conversation this weekend, you can watch the entire chat with Tony in this video.
Whenever you're ready, here's how I can help you:

1. Composition Concepts for Artists - an in-depth look at the process of composition with step-by-step examples SHOWING how and WHY I make decisions. You'll learn to take an initial idea and DEVELOP it into a finished project.

2. Understanding Synthesis - learn to design your own sounds starting with the basics of subtractive synthesis and progressing to more advanced sound design  with semi-modular and various forms of digital synthesis.

3. YouTube Membership - monthly livestreams featuring music making and sound design in real time. Q&As and exclusive videos only available to channel members.

4. One to One Coaching (coming soon) - work with me on YOUR own music. I'll help you take your track from idea to finished product, so you'll come out with a polished track or EP and any knowledge gained from walking through the process with me.