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How to NOT rip off your own music

Mar 30, 2024
I've often sat down at the piano and improvised something I really like. But then a strange feeling will come over me as I realize....I've already done all of this before.
It can be a tricky balance between maintaining one's own musical voice/taste and simply rehashing all the ideas we've already had.
For me, it usually comes down to over-reliance on muscle memory when I sit down to improvise.
Due to the impending Easter holiday and the fact that I'm still gainfully employed as a church organist, today's newsletter will mostly be in video form.
In the video, I'll share some fundamental differences between the processes of improvisation and composition.
I'll also share some techniques I like to use to force my improvisations into new, uncharted territory.
These techniques make it much easier for me to develop those improvisations into completed compositions if I choose to do so.
Happy Easter, and I'll see you in the video...
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